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Is the jig up on Trey Songz? A new report details the plethora of sexual and physical assault allegations the R&B crooner has tallied up over the years, and Twitter has plenty of opinions.

The Daily Beast collected the receipts, and it’s making Trigga look funny in the light, allegedly.

Over the past decade, Songz (real name: Tremaine Neverson) has faced multiple accusations of both physical and sexual assault.

This week, Las Vegas police confirmed it is investigating an allegation of sexual assault against Songz. The 37-year-old had been at Drai’s Nightclub in The Cromwell hotel to ring in his birthday last Saturday night. A source told TMZ that after his performance at the club, Songz and his entourage took a group of women back to his hotel room at The Cosmopolitan.

Officials would not release any further details when contacted by The Daily Beast, including exactly when the alleged attack took place, but confirmed the incident occurred in the city and was reported to the department last Sunday.

Las Vegas police said Songz was cooperating with their investigation. His team did not return a request for comment when contacted by The Daily Beast.

Songz’s track record is no secret. But for years the charming, good-looking R&B crooner, with 2010s hits such as “Na Na,” “Bottoms Up,” and “Dive In,” has managed to dodge any serious criminal repercussions for the various claims and charges brought against him.

The Daily Beast report also includes commentary from a woman who was assaulted by Songz (they settled out of court) and more details about different case Songz was able to finesse his way out of. For example a woman named Andrea Buera said Songz assaulted her in February 2018 and she filed a civil complaint, that was eventually dropped.

When officials declined to pursue a case against Songz, Buera filed a civil complaint in Aug. 2018. A person with knowledge of the situation told The Daily Beast that during the lawsuit, Songz’s team had hired a personal investigator to dig into Buera’s personal life, reaching out to her past romantic partners.

By April 2019, Buera filed to withdraw her complaint with prejudice, meaning that she could not attempt to sue Songz again over the same incident. And although it was not reported if a settlement was reached, the source told The Daily Beast that Buera came into a sum of money shortly afterwards but did not know if that was related to the withdrawal of the suit.

Peep the full The Daily Beast story here, and peep the reactions below. Dylan Gonzalez hurling a rape accusations certainly added fuel to the slander fire.

Also worth mentioning was that time Keke Palmer said Trey debo’d her into being in a video.


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