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Kim Porter was adored by everyone she came in contact with and influenced many of the artists we covet. Since her untimely death, friends, family and fans have taken to social media to speak her glory, telling stories about her as a mother, caregiver, friend and woman. She played the piano and loved to sing in her spare time. Her death sent shock waves through the industry.

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She was laid to rest this weekend in Columbus, Georgia by family, friends and fans who adored the beloved mother. Mary J. Blige remembered her as a “protector,” who encouraged her to self-reflect on life decisions she made. Janelle Monae credited Kim with her career.

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Her oldest son Quincy thanked the public for their support during what he called, “toughest heartbreak I will ever encounter.” 


Here’s how others remembered the beautiful soul.

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1. Quincy


2. Misa Hylton




4. Diddy


5. Mary J Blige

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“In 2003, my brother invited me to a boat ride [laughs], yacht ride. I’d never been on one before. It was the year I got married and he said, “This is going to be your honeymoon.” It was a honeymoon because every day I got to see him and Kim be romantic. And the most beautiful part, I got to know her, and that’s when she became my friend. She was protective over me. She asked me was I ready. She was like a mom: “Are you ready for this?” She made me question myself a lot. I think about those questions now she asked me now that I’m in the situation I’m in. Kim was always a protector, she protected me. And every time I saw her, I just felt like I was seeing my grandmother or somebody. It was just that much love and beauty. So I just want to say, what an angel. She protected us, she’s still protecting us. I love you Kim Porter, so much. This is why I’m standing up here, because I don’t do all of this speaking very well. But I’m here because… [cries] I just saw you two weeks ago. I was just dancing with you. I can’t even believe this is happening. I love you. Thank y’all.”

6. Kimora Lee Simmons

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“At your homegoing celebration today it became all too real that you are not coming back. I cannot stop crying but I will be strong for you. Gone WAY too soon. Wtf. I am in shock. To my beautiful friend and sister, I love you. This is unbelievable. When I first heard the news, I was angry that someone would play such a stupid ass joke.

They said you were in your room sleeping. Aoki and I rushed to your house to tell you to ‘get up and come your ass outside!’ But soon as i arrived I realized you would not come. Every room I walk into now I think, “ok, I will just go and get Kim.” But I see that I cannot. This is all too close and too sad. Your light was a beaming beacon for so many. You are A WHOLE MOOD! You are a girls girl which is why we’ve stayed close always. We are so alike in so many ways, we shared clothes, food, attitudes, friends, enemies, the greatest happinesses and the worst sadnesses. We’ve been married, given birth, raised families, gotten divorced, experienced death and everything in between-together. You are a great mama. Between us we have 8 kids who are all cousins. We are, and will always be-a family. I will look after yours and you will look after and guide us all.

What a beautiful, loving, sassy soul to have lost. We love you forever. May God bless your journey. We will never stop crying for you”

7. Janelle Monae


8. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae Source:false

Kim meant so much to so many , but to me and @Wondaland she was the woman who single handedly changed our lives .

When I moved to ATL , I was passionate about being an artist but had not gained much exposure . If it had not been for you and the Three Brown Girls (Your company w/ Nicole Johnson & Eboni Elektra) belief in me & inviting me out to do your open mic night “Lip Service” at Justin’s restaurant, my career would have been on another path . You lovingly connected me with two key players that helped move my career forward , @bigboi & @diddy .

I am forever indebted to you .

When the headlines talk about you I pray they talk about the platform your company gave new and up and coming artists in Atlanta . YOU WERE A CONNECTOR . You were a champion of women in the industry . YOU WERE A BOSS moving through this life with so much style and grace .

I am happy we got to hug and talk at Puff’s party but man do I wish I could have told you one more time how much I love you .

I am heartbroken .

You were light .

You were supportive .

You were stunning .

You were kind ALWAYS .

You were creative .

You were as real as they came .

You were an incredible mother .

You were rare .

I’ll forever miss you my Sagittarius sister .

I am praying so hard for you @diddy , all of the kids , @ebonielektra , @coreygamble , @officialalbsure , and the entire family . I love y’all so much . Your spirit lives forever @ladykp . Forever our lady .

Your bday party 2007 .

9. Kimora Lee Simmons


10. Misa Hylton