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Mario & Iggy Azalea Clowned On X For Tory Lanez Support

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Tory Lanez, aka Canadian Yosemite Sam, tried his best to avoid some serious jail time but failed miserably even after getting letters of support from some celebrities.

For those who don’t know, Tory Lanez will be locked up behind bars for ten years after being found guilty of the 2020 shooting of Hip-Hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion.

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After X (we still call it Twitter in these parts) celebrated Thee Stallion getting the justice she deserved and Lanez getting thrown in the slammer for ten years, Meghann Cuniff, now affectionately known as “Megan Thee Reporter,” dropped some details on the celebs who made the dumb decision to die on the Tory Lanez hill by being part of the 75 letters in support for the Canadian musician.

Mario Put On His Cape For Tory Lanez

One of the names that had people raising their eyebrows was R&B singer Mario. Per Cuniff, the singer said in his letter, “I have never seen Tory act out of character in a manner to hurt someone,” while also mentioning Lanez’s son, “All I can ask and pray for is that he and his son are treated fairly.”

Iggy Azalea Allegedly Asked The Judge To Give Tory Lanez A Lenient Sentence

Another person who stuck their neck out for Megan Thee Stallion’s shooter was culture vulture and one-time rumored romantic interest of Lanez, Iggy Azalea.

In her letter to Judge Herriford, Azalea wrote nearly six months ago, and she said, “I would not write to you on behalf of an abuser,” adding, “I have remained in close contact with him during incarceration and I am confident he has already gained positive insight in regard to his experience.”


In the three-page typed letter, the “Fancy” crafter describes herself as a “victim of abuse myself” while adding, “I deeply appreciate the person he is and have never witnessed him loose [sp] his temper or raise his voice at a woman. He’s always been incredibly respectful of me and I refuse to believe that he would do anything in malice especially to a woman.”

Sure Iggy.

As expected, social media jumped all over her but in a since-deleted tweet, Azalea defended herself on X, saying, “I don’t ‘support’ anyone. the whole thing is full of oddities,” adding, “My letter never mentioned anything in regard to what happened that night.”

Actor Marc John Jefferies & Lanez’s Hair Doctor Also Wrote Letters of Support

Another person who also wrote a letter of support was actor Marc John Jefferies, best known for his role as Lil Cease in Notorious.

“While I do not know the intimate details of the incident at hand, I do know that due to the journey of life and living a full experience rooted in growth, sometimes, we make bad decisions,” Jeffries said in his letter to the judge.

The hair doctor responsible for Lanez’s fraudulent hairline also hit the keyboard keys in support of his client, writing, “Since that time he has helped countless numbers of people suffering from Hair loss by sharing his journey publicly, via print, social media, online, radio and podcasts with his own time, money and resources.”

It definitely looks like Lanez was looking for all the help he could, but in the end, it didn’t matter, and the judge still hit him with some significant time behind bars.

Upon learning about these letters of support, X users have been slamming Mario and Iggy Azalea for even attempting to make Megan Thee Stallion’s shooter sound like a loving, caring father, despite Lanez’s numerous headass moments.

You can see those reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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