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It’s never a good thing watching a family feud, especially in public for all to see and pre-judge without all the proper details — Steve Harvey and fun trivia questions make for a very small exception, but that’s another story. Add the aspect of celebrity into the picture and, well, it’s a sad situation no matter who’s right or wrong.

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We witnessed that happen recently in the case of comedienne Mo’Nique, already the current talk-of-the-town following a very viral interview on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, and her eldest son, Shalon Watkins Jr.




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Shalon, who posts under the TikTok handle @sho_nomaddad (seen above), hopped on recently to make a video addressing the comments his famous mom made in the midst of her three-hour-long interview in regards to their strained relationship. Although he appears to keep a relatively low profile on social media, the father to a young child himself felt upset by the way Mo made it seem as if there was room for reconciliation — in short, he seems to allude that it was all for show. “My mother and I both know that [reconciliation] is a very false narrative, and I would like to free her of having to continue telling that lie,” he said among other things in the nearly 10-minute long statement, which didn’t come off as a rant and was actually calm in nature throughout. Overall, it appears from his perspective that neither party has a desire to reach out, so to suggest otherwise would be unfair to the truth she fights so hard for.

Mo’Nique, known to be as transparent as they come, made her own response via Instagram Live not too long after. Sitting as per usual next to her husband, Sidney Hicks, the Queens Of Comedy star gave a reaction to not only the issues with Shalon but recent comments made by Stephen A. Smith and Judge Greg Mathis as well. The almost-40-minute reaction, while also calm in nature, did give the impression that her son isn’t giving the full picture in telling his side and also might be suffering, or at some point suffered, from mental illness.



Again, heartbreaking to witness, but there might be a lesson for many of us to learn from this in how we handle disputes with our own relatives. The relationship between a mother and son is one of the strongest bonds in the world, and it hurts us to watch it all play out without a happy ending in sight. At the same time, we can only hope those watching from the bleachers will stop and look at the nature of their own family dynamic before giving their opinion on Mo’Nique’s. We personally pray for healing for all those involved.


Take a look below at a few opinions on Mo’Nique, her son Shalon and the overall aspect of family fighting in public:


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1. Mo’Nique’s son said something that toxic parents never seem to understand: To repair the relationship, the parent must be willing to do most of the heavy lifting.

via @CandiceBenbow

2. Now I love Monique but something doesn’t sound right. If *both* of her older sons are from her first marriage, why could her current husband claim one son and not the other???? And as a mother, why would you even be okay with that???

via @blvk_empress

3. It’s comical that they mention all the things that Monique bought for her son but her son specifically made a point that she uses material things to compensate for her lack of accountability in her shortcomings as a mother

via @GoodasGyall

4. I’m so impressed by Monique’s oldest son being able to express himself like this. These types of emotions are not easy to put into words. Praying for his healing❤️‍🩹

via @nu_mindframe

5. The conversation for the past week or so following Monique’s interview has been holding others accountable for the pain they’ve caused you, but *checks notes* Monique’s son holding her accountable is where we draw the line…

via @JaylenJabrea

6. monique’s son said she prayed to God and when He gave her an answer she didn’t like, she went to “the universe.”

via @_iparker_

7. People wronged Monique and she was right to talk about it. She wronged her son and he’s right to talk about it. It’s not complicated

via @krysilove

8. I’m really disgusted with that live Monique and Her “Daddy” just did… so you couldn’t speak to YOUR Son without him being apart of it. Can we be honest about Mothers who choose men over their Kids especially in the black community cause that’s what this is smfh #monique

via @Cassiemarielux

9. No shade. The way Monique is expecting Oprah and Tyler to do the heavy lifting in fixing the wrongs they did to her, she needs to do the same with her child.

via @IamTHREEE

10. Monique’s son didn’t really throw dirt on her. He basically said please stop acting like you wish for something that you’re not taking any real initiative on. He takes offense to that.

via @passport_cutty

11. I’m sorry but #Monique is a fk’ing clown for allowing her “daddy” to dismiss HER son’s truths and feelings while deeming him mentally ill. #NastyWork All Shalon wants them to do is leave him out of this narrative they are trying to sell the public. That’s it!

via @IeshiaRedd

12. Monique’s response to her son’s TikTok video exemplifies the problem he has with her…yikes! I like Monique but how she handled this situation is terrible. 😬

via @research_jpg

13. Not gonna lie Monique’s son read me when he said “You pray to God for what you want but he gives you what you need, but you’re not happy with it so you go ask the universe.” He ate me up 😮‍💨😭

via @Le_Ology

14. I don’t think Monique’s son is wrong but I also don’t think he’s willing or ready to forgive on the level he would need to, to begin to repair that relationship. Because fact is your parent can’t go back and change things you can only give grace and room to move forward

via @nhoodpublicist

15. Mo’Nique’s son didn’t disrespect her one time in that lengthy video he posted. She mentioned their fractured relationship multiple times in the press. He is now offering his side of the story that she brought to us first. I wish them peace, and she needs to fix it.

via @LookAtDustin