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Kyle Kuzma is getting himself acclimated swiftly to the culture and surroundings of Washington, D.C. after he was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Washington Wizards. Via Twitter, the fashion icon asked his followers which establishment in the region has the best “mumbo chicken” and Kill Moe Twitter corrected the talented hooper.

For starters, Kuz clearly meant to say “mumbo” sauce, a concoction that has its roots in Washington, D.C.’s famed chicken wing and Chinese-American carryout restaurants.

“Dc where the best mumbo chicken at? I’m talking hole in the wall good,” Kuz tweeted on Friday (Jan. 14).

The history of mumbo sauce extends far beyond the confines of the District of Columbia, with some saying the sauce was born in Chicago. Some historians note that Argia B. Collins is the inventor of mumbo sauce, which like the D.C. version is a curious blend of ketchup, hot sauce, sugar, paprika, and the like.  The claim to the mumbo sauce name got serious enough that a lawsuit was drawn up to claim the term for D.C., but it didn’t hold up in court.

John Young, widely known as the creator of the buffalo wings craze, experienced D.C.-styled mumbo sauce in the early 1960s. Accounts made by several chefs in the Washington region said that mumbo was just an altered version of the word “mumbo” because of the mysterious ingredients used for the wing sauce.

I’m breaking the fourth wall on this post as a native of Washington. The region’s best mumbo sauce has routinely been Howard China on Georgia Avenue near Howard University’s main campus. However, some of the Danny’s in nearby Prince George’s County can lay claim, and I’m always going to prop up N.Y. Chicken & Grill in Hillcrest Heights, Md. Sorry to nerd out about mumbo sauce.

Truthfully, mumbo sauce preference is a subjective thing. Some like their sauce slightly spicy while others skew to the sweeter side. There have been some attempts made by “them peoples” to remix mumbo sauce but if it’s not from the “curry out,” it’s not official.

For those who live outside of the DMV area, you can obtain a bottle of this beautiful concoction via Capital City Mambo Sauce nationwide. This is an exceptional representation of the beloved condiment. Serving suggestions: put it on anything fried and watch the magic happen.

Check out the reactions from DC Twitter below.

P.S. Because people have the sense of humor akin to a dry snot rag, we’re just having fun. We’re well aware that D.C. area slang changes like the weather. We’re going for effect and laughs, not accuracy. And yes, mumbo is a shortened version of “mumble” as in “anything goes.” We don’t make the rules. Just LOL or don’t. Have a good weekend and get some MUMBO sauce for your CHICKEN.

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Legit best mumbo sauce in the whole “urrea.”


This is somewhat acceptable but it’s a Danny’s up the street and….


They out here offering Kuz some gentrified mumbo.


People keep sicin’ this jount, slim.


Anyone suggesting Yum’s don’t love you.


Another vote for Peter’s.


Check out the block captain over here, moe.




This siced me too, young.


Grey 996s only tho.


We have to investigate this.


DMV folk of a certain age know all about “Eddie Lennahs.”


We like the nickname.


You either love mumbo or you’re like the mayor who bammed out and said she don’t even like it.


This ji’ true but sometimes, they fool you and give you the watery sauce and unseasoned wings.


Also one of them “sad but true” jounts.