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Famous Bostonians  was originally published on

1. Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins

2. Benzino


3. Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg

4. Pooch Hall

Pooch Hall

5. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

6. Jay Leno

Jay Leno

7. Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

8. Matt Damon

Matt Damon

9. Inventor Lewis Latimer

Inventor Lewis Latimer

10. Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien

11. Chick Corea

Chick Corea

12. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

13. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

14. Aerosmith


15. Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

16. Dane Cook

Dane Cook

17. Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell

18. The late and great Phillis Wheatley

The late and great Phillis Wheatley

19. The late Michelle Thomas

The late Michelle Thomas

20. Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor

21. Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy

22. JoJo


23. Ronnie DeVoe

Ronnie DeVoe

24. Dana Barros

Dana Barros