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Who is the greatest fictional TV mother in history? Per Twitter, it’s looking like Claire Huxtable, portrayed by Phylicia Rashad, of The Cosby Show, and it’s not even close.

The good folk at the Strong Black Lead posed the question, and sure enough, a lot of people reacted.

Claire Huxtable never laid a finger on any of her TV children. But her verbal bars were the stuff of “you know you done f*cked up” legend. Vanassa Huxtable going with her friends to a concert in Baltimore  for “big fun” and getting caught up in the struggle is one segment that always comes up.

Before you say it, Claire Huxtable is a fictional character, as was Cliff Huxtable, portrayed by the thoroughly disgraced Bill Cosby. Leave it at that—Cosby’s real-life transgressions have nothing to do with the stories immortalized on television. If it tarnishes your view on the show, so be it. If you still enjoy it, that’s fine, too.

As far as Claire Huxtable’s greatness as a TV mom, Twitter has been sharing their favorites moments and we’ve compiled the best in the gallery. Also, Florida Evans from Good Times is getting plenty of flowers.

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