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Happy 76th birthday, Bill Cosby!

Everything we need to know about life, we learned about it in the iconic sitcom, “The Cosby Show.” Cliff taught us how to make a delicious sandwich. Claire taught us how to be a graceful mom and career woman. Theo taught us how not to hide a piercing from your dad. And the lesson go on and on!

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We thank you Bill Cosby for everything you have taught us and we love you for your comedic patriarchal episodes that re-defined sitcoms then and now!

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1. Peter From Across The Street

2. Denise Gets A Car

3. Theo Huxtable Lost His Woman

4. Olivia Singing

5. Night & Day

6. I’m In Charge Of Gas

7. How To Convince Your Child To Eat Vegetables

8. Who Broke The Clock?

9. Menopause

10. Rudy Attacks Via Sleep

11. Vanessa’s Bad Grade

12. Cliff Plays A Game Of Cricket

13. Claire Huxtable’s Feminist Rant

14. A Touch Of Wonder

15. Theo Gets An Earring