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Patti LaBelle Leads Cooking Class In Boston

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Thanksgiving is here and we can’t wait to stuff our faces full of turkey, greens and mac and cheese this year. If you’re a real turkey day champ, you’ll be feasting away on all of your thanksgiving delicacies for the next week or so. You got to love leftovers

As we gather around the table and give thanks to our families, we’ll also be scrolling social media to see what other people have on their plates this year. In fact, some of our favorite celebrities are known for throwing down in the kitchen.

Like Kelis, who’s been serving everything from raw plant-based pies to organic roasted turkeys through her buzzing brand Bounty & Full. The singer-turned-chef sources all of her natural and healthy ingredients from her farm in Temecula, California. A graduate of Le Cordon Blue, you’ll find the Grammy-nominated star whipping a variety of tasty treats in her big kitchen, like this perfectly seasoned organic free-range turkey.


Believe it or not, Kelis is a classically trained French culinary saucier chef, that had the privilege of traveling and eating her way around the world. She’s dined in world-renowned Michelin-star restaurants and tasted the best of the best at International street fairs. Now, she’s taking everything she has learned to help fans whip up delicious meals in their own kitchen. If you’re a fan, you can actually buy some of her special sauces and herbs on the Bounty & Full website.

Kelis isn’t the only celeb that will have us licking our chops this holiday season. Here are a few more celebs who we know, without a doubt will have the kitchen table loaded with high vibrational plates.

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1. PreMadonna

From waist trainer entrepreneur to bustling chef, PreMadonna does and sells it all. We love watching this master cook whip up her tasty renditions of southern classics like this rich and decadent Mac and Cheese or her red velvet cornbread and fried lobster. Yes, you read that right.  We can’t wait to see what she’ll be whipping up for her big family this year.

2. Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle blew the world away when she ventured onto the food scene with her silky and decadent sweet potato pies. Now, the R&B soul singer sells a little bit everything for folks with a sweet tooth. From peach cobbler to banana pudding, Ms. LaBelle will have you floating to heaven and back with her tasty variety of sweet treats. 

Did you get your hands on a Patti Pie this year?


3. Ari Fletcher

Ari Fletcher has been slowly venturing into the food industry over the last year. The haircare entrepreneur hosts a cooking show with her su-chef Tuson on YouTube. The duo have cooked up a variety of tasty meals, like their spin on a KFC Bowl or a rich and saucy lasagna. Wonder what she’ll be whipping up this year for Thanksgiving? Either way. We know it’s going to be good.

4. Tia Mowry

When Tia Mowry isn’t holding down mommy duties or acting in a big Hollywood production, you’ll find the Sister Sister star handling business in the kitchen. Throughout her Spice cooking ware line, Mowry helps fans to whip up tasty and nutritious meals that warm up the soul. 

Look no further than her rich and warm chicken noodle soup. Loaded with veggies, tender noodles and just the right amount of chicken, this fall appropriate soup looks like it will have you dancing and singing when all of the rich flavor combinations hit your tastebuds.  

We know she’s going to bring the heat for the holiday season this year.

5. Jai Nice

Jai Nice

Jai Nice is a model, wellness guru and cook that knows how get down in the kitchen. 

Nice makes a little bit of everything from rich Tuscan chicken pasta to this mouth watering and succulent stuffed broccoli and cheddar chicken. We love a good cook with depth and variety.  Nice’s legendary stuffed salmon also deserves an honorable mention.

We can only imagine what she’ll be serving up this holiday season. Whatever it is, we hope she saves us a plate!