35 Of The Most Hilarious & Ridiculous Talk Show Headlines Ever  was originally published on

1. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

2. “I’m So Ugly”

3. “9 Shows, 11 Men Later…Will I Finally Find The Father Today?”

4. “I’m A Sex Escort … And A Man!”

5. “You Slept With My Stripper Sister!”

6. “I’m Your Pimp, Not Your Boyfriend”

7. “You’re Not My Girlfriend, You’re My Stalker!”

8. “Am I Pregnant By A Gay Man?”

9. “Honey, Meet My Mistress”

10. “I Slept With Your Girlfriend & Mom”

11. “I Play People Outside My Race!”

12. “I Cheated Because You’re Fat”

13. “I’m Psychic, He’s Cheating”

14. “I’m Irresistable To Women & It’s Not My Fault”

15. “Dad, I’m A Pregnant Prostitute”

16. “Married To Your Dad, But Want You Back”

17. “My Fear Of Mustard & Pickles Is Ruining My Life”

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