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Cartoon Baes Kids Crushed On [PHOTOS]  was originally published on

1. Roxanne of “The Goofy Movie”

2. Mary Jane Watson of “Spider Man”

3. Storm of “X Men”

4. Kim Possible of “Kim Possible”

5. Harley Quinn of “Batman”

6. Patty Mayonaise of “Doug”

7. Selina Kyle aka Catwoman of “Batman”

8. Lola Bunny of “Space Jam”

9. Penny Proud of “Proud Family”

10. Nani of “Lilo and Stitch”

11. Miss Bellum of “Power Puff Girls”

12. Daria of “Daria”

13. Jessica Rabbit of “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?”

14. Daphne Blake of “Scooby Doo”

15. Poison Ivy of “Batman”

16. Sailor Moon of “Sailor Moon”

17. Anastasia of “Anastasia”

18. Megara of “Hercules”

19. Megara of “Hercules”

20. Miranda Killgallen of “As Told By Ginger”

21. Miranda Killgallen of “As Told By Ginger”

22. Debbie Thornberry of “The Wild Thornberries”

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