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It's Wellness Wednesday, and Dr. Collier is answering all of your wellness questions dealing with addiction, COVID-19, children, and more.

It's Wellness Wednesday and Dr. Collier is answering all of your wellness questions about flu season, booster shots, honey pack, and more.

Dr. Collier shares some education about breast cancer like risks, family history, products to avoid, and how to examine your breasts.

Dr. Collier gives us some steps on how to get through a toothache

As the summer months wind down, and the fall season looms ahead, President Joe Biden and his administration are planning on rolling out an updated booster shot plan in September to combat Covid. 

Jeff Johnson discusses the viral TikTok trend of parents summoning their kids to get ready to fight with them

Marc Morial is keeping us informed with the “NAACP State of Black America” report. The Justice Department announced it would initiate a pattern and practice investigation into the Louisiana State Police on Friday.

With Father's Day around the corner, listen to this health update from Dr. Collier about the new treatments for diabetes.

No matter how old or young you are, Dr. Collier wants to express the importance of learning how to swim, specifically among Black children.