Getty When I first came across this tweet discussing the joys of 50/50 partnerships, I couldn’t figure out what was worse: the misguided attempt at wisdom by a seemingly prepubescent white girl or the fact that Black men and women were sharing and defending it like it was gospel. At first I thought the tweet was […]

As I was watching the O.J. Simpson parole hearing, I couldn’t help but think of how life can take unexpected turns. Since 1994, we have watched a superstar – a man who was on top of the world – fall from grace in rapid fashion. We all know the story of his trial in the […]

The post-grad job search can be daunting, but these tips from our in-house career expert will help the process.

The 16 Black female cadets have been cleared to graduate, but the implications of the investigation are far-reaching.

The extent to which some people distrust the government is not necessarily unwarranted, given the United States’ history of meddling both globally and domestically, often at the expense of mass amounts of people of color.  So naturally, whenever a major event occurs and dominates the attention of media, the conspiracy theories arise quickly and bubble beneath […]

By now we’re sure that Atlanta-based actress and singer Demetria McKinney is joining “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for season 7. Audiences who are even vaguely familiar with McKinney’s name know her for her guest role on “House of Payne,” or as the ex-wife of Rickey Smiley on “The Rickey Smiley Show.” She has graced […]

This past weekend there was an article in the New York Times titled “The Apartheid of Children’s Literature” where the author explained how few picture books actually feature people of color. After reading the article I got to thinking about my own childhood and how I actually read quite a lot of books with characters […]

This past Tuesday night I went with a few friends to see the play “Red Velvet” starring Adrian Lester of “Primary Colors“, the play was written by his wife Lolita Chakrabati and directed by their family friend Indhu Rubasingham. The play centers around legendary African American stage actor Ira Aldridge, who was the first black […]


Wow! I mean WOW! Last night’s episode of “Scandal” perfectly titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was quite possibly the best episode in the entire series. This is just my opinion, but I absolutely loved it. The pacing was perfect, the characters and their motivations made sense for once, and I cared about what happened in […]

So last week I went to my hair salon “Hair Rules” run by my family friend Anthony Dickey to get my hair cut since I hadn’t been there since September, and I was long overdue. I’ve been wearing my hair natural since then, and after many trials and errors, I finally think I’ve found a […]