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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I read your blogs all the time, so I am hoping you can help me with this one. It has nothing to do with love, but more legal rights and I hope you or your readers can give me advice on this one.

A few months ago, my wife was let go from her job as a home nurse. When asked why, she was told that a patient’s family member had complained to her job about her. They said that she was rude to them when they called. But, what she heard through people she works with they say it was because her job didn’t want to pay her insurance.

My wife has lupus which requires her to see the doctor quite a bit. When she was let go, on like the 3rd of June, a few days later, she went to the doctor and when she went to pay they told her that she had been dropped from her insurance by the company on the 30th of May. She called her job and they pretended like it was something the insurance company had done, but the insurance company said they are not allowed to just drop people from a company’s insurance unless it is ordered by the company. To me that is proof that she was let go because of her health. When I heard this it made me want go down there and act a fool, but my wife didn’t want me to. Now, I want to see if this can be handled in court. I want to know are there any laws that can protect her and if so what are they and can we sue. Any advice would help. – A Husband Fighting For His Wife

“Me and My Pastor Are Feeling Each Other But I Don’t Know Where It’s Going!”

Dear Mr. A Husband Fighting For His Wife,

I am sorry to hear about your wife’s situation and the dilemma you find yourself. I am not well-versed on this matter, and I strongly urge that you do check with a labor lawyer. A lawyer that deals with human resources, companies, and labor issues. I also suggest that everything you’ve said to me in this letter that you have written and proven documentation. You should definitely get a letter from the insurance company stating why she was dropped and when she was dropped. As well as something from the doctor and the date of her visit. Get everything in order because going against the insurance companies can be a BIG PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHERE. And, you’re going to have to prove that her previous employer dropped her prior to her knowing, and if it was due to medical reasons. Hearsay is not going to work. You need documented proof.

But, as you’ve requested, I am leaving the comments open for this as there may be a member, or reader who can assist you. So, all you readers out there who may be well-versed, or work in human resources, or with labor laws, or if you know of a lawyer, can you all help this brother out.

I hope you and your wife find the advice and resources you need. Godspeed and I have your wife in my prayers. – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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