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Did a sex tape featuring Pilar Sanders and 50 Cent cause the beauty to lose custody of her kids?

We recently told you that Pilar was hooking up with a certain Cash Money Records mogul, but I’m hearing that it’s 50 Cent who may have caused her to lose custody of her children with Deion Sanders.

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Rumor has it that a sex-tape is circulating featuring the two, and that the tape has been used as proof in the legal action that saw ex-husband Deion Sanders claim custody of his children by Pilar. Apparently, Deion was able to use the sex-tape to gain a legal advantage over his ex-wife in the custody proceedings.

I knew there had to be a legit reason for Pilar to lose her kids, as most judges never give custody to the father. Something extreme had to happen and if a tape does exist that fulfills proof of adultery.

Do you think a sex-tape exists?



Pilar Sanders Loses Custody Of Daughter

Deion Sanders Wins Primary Custody Of His 3 Kids

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