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How far would you go to support the person you love? Singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius takes it to the streets for her man in her latest video “Cold War.”

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The track “Cold War” is about a couple staying together through the good and bad times. In the video, Marsha’s man played by “The Wire’s” Michael K. Williams loses his job and can’t seem to find a new one despite looking for a while. After Ambrosius begins to see the toll his unemployment is taking on him, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She descends into the underworld of coke dealing. While things seems good for a moment, trouble comes knocking at the front door.

Of the video, Ambrosius stated, “This video really depicts how far you will go for someone you care about. I went to extreme measures to save my love and I clearly did some very illegal things.”

“Cold War” is the first single from Marsha Ambrosius’ second project “Friends & Lovers.” Watch Marsha Ambrosius sell drugs for love in the video below.


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