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There was no rapper flyer than Big Daddy Kane in 1988. He had it all–the baddest women you could imagine, extra thick gold rope chains, and an amazing rhyme ability. Kane’s first two projects are still some of the best pieces of hip-hop music ever created. If you disagree with that last sentence, educate yourself because you’re lacking. But I digress. big Daddy Kane was riding a tidal wave of success until he posed for Playgirl Magazine. Hip-Hop wasn’t ready for such progressiveness and his star began to fade into obscurity.

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Fast forward a few decades and young fans of our culture most likely couldn’t pick the man out of a line-up. Our friends at The Smoking Section put together a comprehensive list of the ten songs by Big Daddy Kane that you absolutely need to know. If you’re a young chap just coming up in the hip-hop culture, take out your pads and pens. You will be required to take notes. The hip-hop heads who have been around a while, take this stroll down memory lane. Check out an excerpt below:

“Smooth Operator” – Not unlike “Ain’t No Half Steppin’,” Kane masters the delicate balance of his cool detached ladies’ man persona with whip smart lyricism on “Smooth Operator.” Ladies are loved, sucker emcees dissed, and all is right with the world.

Peep the rest of the list at The Smoking Section.

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