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Despite President Obama having a lot of support in the hip-hop community, not every single rapper voted for him. One half of the Atlanta duo Outkast, Big Boi, said he didn’t vote for the current President and explained his reasoning on HuffPost Live.

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Big Boi got on the subject of not voting for President Obama when he recalled an incident after the election where a white woman assumed he voted for the President and he had to correct her. Big Boi said, “Well, I was, you know, leaving to go out of town, and it was a lady — a Caucasian lady — and she was like, ‘Oh yeah, congratulations on y’all win last night,’ you know, with like an attitude. And, you know, just to let her know I was on my P’s and Q’s, I was like, ‘I don’t know what you talkin’ bout, I voted for Gary Johnson.’ And she looked shocked to even know that I knew there were other candidates on the ballot, you know what I’m saying? So, you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

The ATLien explained that he is neither Democrat or Republican, but a rather a Libertarian. “I’m a Libertarian. I’m liberty, justice for all, liberty for all. I’m really pro-people, pro-freedom, and, you know, this is all about positivity,” Sir Luscious stated, “Like, you know, I have nothing against the president at all, you know, he’s a nice guy, but, it’s just, you know, the things that they’re standing on right now just didn’t agree with me. Anything that benefits the public and not just big banking, that’s what I’m with.”

Do you agree with Big Boi’s views?


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