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In a very over sharing interview, Bow Wow discussed allegedly losing his virginity at the age of 16 to video model Esther Baxter. He also went on to talk various sexual acts he’s tried, what other celebs he wouldn’t mind boning, and also brought up his baby mama.

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Here’s the clip:

Now Ms. Baxter is none too thrilled with what was said about her. She took to Twitter to denounce Bow Wow’s claims, calling it a “ballerific fantasy.” Clearly she’s not as chummy with Shad as Karrine Steffans is.

Esther wrote:

Do I REALLY have to respond to this sh*t!?! First…you people believe the SILLIEST sh*t!!! Lmao! I thought this sh*t was a joke…but Lil homie ACTUALLY said that sh*t. N*gga really shot for the stars with that one!!! Couldn’t think of anyone else huh!?! It’s cool I know times are hard right now but u should’ve at least let me know so we could BOTH benefit.

Losing your virginity to EB at 16…damn…that’s a ballerific fantasy bro. Its not the first time & it won’t be the last time a n*gga decide to put my name in some sh*t…I don’t have time for the foolishness. You have some sh*t to promote do that sh*t WITHOUT putting my damn name in some nonsense. #Done #NothingElseToSay #ByeBoy.


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