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Remember George Zimmerman’s story about that fateful day in Florida that resulted in unarmed teen Trayvon Martin’s death? Zimmerman claimed Martin fought him, causing Zimmerman to make a life or death decision by shooting Martin. It looks like the DNA results don’t back up Zimmerman’s story.

According to the Washington Post, the DNA results prove there was a fight that was close in proximity, but “one stain on the shirt that Trayvon wore underneath the hoodie was a DNA match to Zimmerman. But these tests raise more questions about (or poke more holes in) Zimmerman’s story.”

I previously reported that DNA results proved that Martin never touched Zimmerman’s gun. That one detail led me to an “Aha!” moment that seemingly proved Zimmerman wasn’t fighting for his life. When there is a fight with fist versus gun–a gun will win every time.

Also, Zimmerman claimed the fight between he and Martin was severe, so much so, he needed to shoot Martin dead. DNA results show no sign of Zimmerman’s DNA on Martin’a hoodie, even though Zimmerman says Martin pummeled him. This man seems to have been concealing the truth since he shot Martin. When will this all end?

Check out the full list of DNA evidence that stacks up against Zimmerman on the Washington Post.

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