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“Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty, flour tortilla,” Mary J. Blige took it straight to church on us for Burger Kinger’s new chicken warp. Mary J. Blige faced a lot of criticism from the African American community about singing sanging for chicken for Burger King. Even though the commercial debuted on April Fools Day, it was definitely not a joke. Mary J. Blige went back to her “No More Drama” days and laced that chicken song as if it were the last song she’d ever sing.

All the backlash must have made Mary feel like the April fool because Burger King has pulled the ad. So if you missed it–shame on you. Honestly, I’m not offended at all, I think it’s kind of funny, but between Burger King and Mary J. Blige, someone had the ad pulled.

Other celebs were involved in this Burger King campaign, but Mary’s the only one pushing chicken. Selma Hayek’s selling salads, David Beckham’s selling smoothies and Jay Leno showcases the entire menu. I guess it is just a bit racist that the black woman gets the chicken. What’s next? Jennifer Hudson sanging about watermelon?

I am trying to figure out why Mary would agree to do this commercial and here are the reasons I could come up with..

1. Burger King is offering Mary all proceeds from chicken wrap sales.

2. Chicken wraps happen to be Mary’s favorite food of all time and she’d do anything for a chicken wrap, including sang about it.

3. The director told her people would see her funny side and would make people love her more.

4. Burger King is a part of the Illuminati and this is Mary’s initiation.

Why do you think Mary’s chicken commercial was pulled?

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