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From her Grammy red carpet arrival with priest in tow to her melodramatic performance, it’s clear that Nicki’s on a quest for a career that stems past hip hop. She wants to show us what else she’s good at and that’s acting.

Nicki”s acting like a pop princess instead of a hip hop queen these days and maybe that’s because she wants to to know that she’s got range.

Nicki’s got more fans that any of us can count and why? Is it her music, her personality or the fact that she’s unpredictable and we’re all waiting to see what she’s going to do next a la Lady Gaga? Whatever it is, Nicki’s transformation into an entertainer is proving that she’s not really about that hip hop life anymore and here’s three reasons why.

1. Dear Old Nicki

There was a time when Nicki was all about hip hop. She lived it. But somewhere between claiming to be a lesbian, butt implants and making the Forbes list, she forgot that her lyricism reigned supreme.

2. Highly Educated

Nicki graduated from LaGuardia High School’s drama program. Her passion is to be on screen. It’s obvious from the incredible use of her facial expressions to her multiple personalities to her mini saga videos. Has she been using her rap stardom as a foot in the door to acting. I could honestly see Nicki on Broadway–she’s got the entertainment factor on lock.

3. Real Talent–No Games, No Gimmicks

After last night’s Grammy performance that mixed theater with a completely sacrilegious exorcism, Nicki’s turning into more of a gimmick than a talented MC. Lil’ Kim may have done a few things for attention, but she’s never had to go as far as offending the entire Catholic community. Here’s the thing–you don’t need all the bells and whistles when your talent is undeniable. Nicki’s always been talented, so I’m a bit confused as to why she needs the spectacle that Laurie Ann Gibson offers.

Do you think Nicki should leave hip hop behind and focus on acting?

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