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Instead of a normal reunion show that we’re used to, Vh1 offered us a “Reality Check” to close the second season of “Love and Hip Hop”. The girls did individual interviews with the show’s producer because they couldn’t stand to be in the same room as one another and I must say that I’m definitely glad they did it this way because I wasn’t in the mood to see anyone get murdered last night.

The show opened with the person at the center of all the drama: Jimmy. The show’s producer, Mona, sat down with Jimmy and picked his brain about his thoughts throughout the whole season. We learned that Jimmy wasn’t too fond of the show, “Love and Hip Hop” and only did it to please his main priority in life, Chrissy.  He also opened up about his relationship with Yandy that is no longer in existence due to her lack of professionalism with his career.

After speaking with Jimmy, it was Chrissy’s turn to interview and she refused to speak with Mona because she felt that Mona didn’t have Chrissy’s best interest at heart during the taping of the show. Chrissy told cameras that she felt as if the show placed her in situations that forced her to act out i.e. when Yandy showed up in the club in Miami. She told us that she wasn’t sure if she would be returning for another season because doing a reality show had put a strain on her personal life. On another note, her hair was looking GOOD!

During Emily’s interview, she revealed that the only reason she signed up to do this show in the first place was to get the attention of Fabulous and possibly show the world that she was indeed his woman. She thought that by doing the show, she could force him into claiming her. She also told us that for about a year after the first season aired, she and Fab weren’t together but now they are taking it a step at a time. Emily also dropped another bombshell on us when she revealed that she and Kimbella met before in Miami and that Kimbella definitely knew that Fab was involved with someone and knew that that someone was Emily.

During Kimbella’s interview, she claimed Emily to be a liar, and said that she never met Emily in her life before. She also spoke about her relationship with Juelz, stating that they’re not together but that she is pregnant and hoping to work things out for their family.

Mama Jones and Olivia both talked about their ongoing beef towards each other. Were not sure just why these two don’t like each other, but according to Mama Jones, “I don’t know, I just don’t like her”.

Yandy spoke about her past relationship with Jimmy and how close they once were and also spoke about her “friendship” with Chrissy saying that she thought they were on that level where she could get personal with her. She also answered the million dollar question about ever sleeping with Jimmy. In so many words, her answer was no.

Somaya made an appearance on the show, and basically went in on Mona for not giving her enough camera time throughout the season. Mona said it best, “Your story line just wasn’t interesting enough”.

And last but certainly not least, Erica Mena. She got a little teary eyed during her interview saying that she didn’t want people to look at her as this person with so much anger and rage inside of her, and that she is just like everybody else.

Interesting… this episode definitely proved that there are 2 and sometimes even 3 sides to every story.

What did you think about the “Reality Check”?

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