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On Monday, celebrated R&B singer Anita Baker called police to her home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan after she spotted a woman looking through her windows and heard sounds that suggested the person was trying to enter the house by way of the back door. Anita jotted down the woman’s license plate number and turned it into the authorities. After an investigation, it turns out the woman “sneaking around” was just a cleaning lady with a faulty GPS system.

Detectives found the woman and her cleaning crew to straighten out the matter. Grosse Pointe Public Safety Director Stephen Poloni explained to Grosse Pointe Patch that they had no idea it was Baker’s home, but quickly realized that they were on the wrong street after they were unable to enter the home freely as instructed. Anita had reason to be suspicious all the same: Last year she had to call the police to her house after a young man showed up at her doorstep at 3:00 A.M. — singing to her hoping she could help him be discovered.


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