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Etta James died on Friday, but her voice will be with us forever. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about James.


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1) “Etta James” Isn’t Her Real Name

Nope. It is Jamesetta Hawkins. According to reporting by The Washington Post, legendary singer Johnny Otis, who died on Tuesday, switched around her first name, and “Etta James” was born.

2) Etta James Didn’t Appreciate Beyonce Singing “At Last” For The Obamas

While James was famously portrayed in the movie “Cadillac Records” by superstar Beyonce, she was not happy when the Destiny’s Child star sang her song “At Last” at an inaugural ball for President Obama in Washington. Watch Jame’s gripe below:

3) Etta James Toured With The Rolling Stones

When the “Rolling Stones” went on their U.S. tour in 1979, they picked Etta James to be their opening act. In the past, James talked about her cocaine habit while on tour with the Stones.

4) Etta James Made First Record As A Teenager

At 15, James recorded her first record, “Roll With Me Henry.” Her biggest single from the album was “Wallflower, but as the The New York Times reports, a toned-down version of the song was recorded by White singer Georgia Gibbs. Scroll down to hear the different versions.

“Wallflower” By Etta James

“Wallflower” by Georgia Gibbs

5) Etta James Performed At The 1984 Olympic Summer Games

According to Biography, James sang at the 1984 Olympic Summer Games. It was an appearance that renewed her public profile after being away from the music scene.


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