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The ‘War of the Sanders’ is on and poppin’!  First Deion accused his wife, Pilar, of being an adulterous hussie and a fame-chasing gold digger.  Now Pilar just filed court papers in Texas that blast her soon-to-be-ex with some pretty serious accusations, according to TMZ.

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The dueling couple’s impending divorce already has the markings of a legal battle that will remain tabloid fodder for months to come.

Pilar is now alleging in the legal documents that throughout their marriage Deion has been “unkind, uncaring, insensitive, cruel.” She also claims that she, along with the children, have experienced “physical, mental, and emotional abuse.” The former model and reality star also points an accusing finger at Deion’s cheating ways, calling her husband a serial cheater and adulterer who appears incapable of being faithful.

The legal documents state:

[Deion] committed numerous acts of adultery … on numerous occasions throughout the marriage [and he] voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others who were not his spouse.

But wait, the nuptial mud-slinging gets even more vicious. Pilar went for the jugular when she called Deion a “bully … who suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, and who needs a full psychological evaluation.”

The couple, who have been married for 12 years, have always projected a loving and united front.  When they co-starred on their now-defunct reality show “Deion and Pilar:  Prime Time Love,” their marriage seemed to be the personification of the perfect home, which was envied by most.  The pair have three children together, but prior to Deion’s marriage to Pilar, he married Carolyn Chambers and they had two children. Dysfunction was nowhere to be seen among the blended Sanders household.

How times have changed.

Now Pilar is claiming that Deion is in dire need of a parenting coach so that he can be a better father, so she is requesting sole legal custody of their three children on the grounds that the former gridiron great is a bad and absentee dad.

Yet only last week, Deiondra Sanders, the oldest member of the brood, mercilessly blasted her step-mom on Twitter, revealing some highly personal and embarrassing family secrets.  The 19-year-old defended her actions by saying that she wanted to stop Pilar from slandering her dad.

Now Pilar is pulling out all the stops and even wants a judge to discard her pre-nup, claiming she was forced to sign it while under duress.  She also wants the Prosper,Texas, 30,000-square-foot home that was featured on their reality show and is requesting that the judge give Deion the boot from the $21-million property.

Breaking up is so hard to do, especially when you’re rich and famous. There’s certainly more drama to come from the Sanders saga, so stay tuned.


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