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So often, I find myself asking black reality television personalities if they think certain antics make black people as a whole look bad. I get different answers all the time; some say “no,” some respond “yes,” while others straddle the fence in his or her own defense.

I watch reality television just as much as the next boob tube junkie, tuning in every week to catch Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” or Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” As a black woman I am sometimes embarrassed by what goes on…as I should be. I have fully come to terms with the notion that one black individual represents the whole race. I say that because there are limited depictions of blacks on television. Aside from a few Tyler Perry films and scripted reality dramas, it is so rare to find a wholesome black on your screen where as, you may see Taylor Swift’s innocent a** plenty of times!

I was truly joyed this morning when I came across a clip of “Mob Wives.” Not for the violence it displayed, but for the mere fact that white women can show their a**es too! What was bothersome, was the fact that, though Drita (Mob Wives) damn-near punched life out her cast-mate, she won’t be looked at like a ghetto black girl and labeled with tons of stereotypes.

She behaved the same way as a hood chick and from my knowledge she is just as “talented” as, lets say…Kimbella. Her career won’t plummet though, she’ll probably just get a raise and guaranteed contract for the next season.

So when white women fight on TV, does it make them look bad?

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