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Twitter was lit up with these #Strugglemeals all day long so we had to share them.

Somebody get these folks some cooking lessons before Christmas!

Jr. just came home and wanted to try the “Coogi Sweater” turkey recipe that he saw written on the wall of his cell.

We’re sure the kids loved this one but your Octodogs are four legs short.

The person who brought this banana pudding doesn’t like you.  The Vanilla wafers are picketing along the side refusing to get in.

Somebody lost a bet. The person who made it and the person who has to eat it.

This stuffing looks like it was pulled out of the Turkey’s butt while it was still alive.

We have no idea what this is but we called the Men In Black to apprehend it.

This SpongeBob Square Mac won first place in the  annual “5411 Hoodrat Cook-Off” hosted by Antoine Dodson.

This is the kind of sh*t that makes Islamic extremists  run into buildings with bombs strapped to their chests. #OccupyCookbooks.