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Diva Patti Labelle is being sued for allegedly throwing water and a mother and her 18-month-old daughter during a scuffle in a New York City apartment building. The argument supposedly began when Patti, who was renting at an apartment in the building while she was appearing in the Broadway musical “Fela!”, allegedly yelled at the mother for letting her young child wander a distance away from her while she fidgeted with her belongings.

How does she run in those heels?

LaBelle chastised the mother Roseanna Monk and when Monk scooped up the child and told LaBelle it was none of her business, the singer threw water on them from a bottle she was carrying and then launched into an obscenity-filled tirade.

When the child started wailing, Roseanna Monk made a remark to LaBelle, and the singer charged at her and tried to hit her.

The Monks filed a complaint with police; no arrests were made.

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, comes five months after a West Point cadet sued LaBelle over a Houston airport scuffle with her bodyguards. He said they attacked him for no reason in March 2010. She counter sued the cadet, saying he tried to get into her limousine and was drunk and using racial slurs, which he denied.

Roseanna Monk’s lawyer said Monk had asked LaBelle for an apology and a donation to a children’s cancer charity but was rebuffed. The Monks feel “someone’s got to teach her even a diva can’t attack and frighten and assault regular people in the building.”

Damn Patti, this seems so out of character!


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