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Zoe Kravitz covers Elle South Africa’s September 2011 issue and inside she reveals her greatest fear, why she lies, and her favorite quality in a man. For the shoot she wore Jimmy Choo shoes, RE: denim, and a studded Sass & Bide dress.

Here’s what she revealed during their Q&A:

Style icons? ‘Sarah-Jessica Parker and Daniel Day-Lewis’

Biggest fashion mistake? ‘Oh man, I make them every day, I have so many. I look back on some of my outfits and I’m like: ‘Why did I wear that? Where are my friends and why didn’t they tell me not to leave the house?’ If they had, I probably would’ve said, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. This looks amazing.’

Favourite shopping haunts? ‘The Sunday flea market in New York, the Rose Bowl Market in LA, the Santa Monica flea market and Portobello Market in London.’

Musical inspiration: ‘Tom Waits, Jack White and Alison Mosshart, the singer from The Kills and Dead Weather. Growing up, I listened to a lot of the classics: The Beatles, [Led] Zeppelin, Nina Simone, Richie Havens, Al Green, Otis Redding, Sly and The Family Stone, and Neil Young.’

Music or acting? ‘I can’t answer your question. I’d rather kill myself.’

Oscar or Grammy? ‘Oscar – because of the ceremony not because I think acting is more important.’

Childhood crush? ‘Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Heath Ledger.’

Who gets you onto the dance floor? ‘Michael Jackson and James Brown.’

How do you unwind? ‘I have a backyard, which is hard to find in New York, and hang out at home a lot with my friends, barbecuing, listening to records, making avocado sandwiches, staying up really late, drinking a lot of coffee.’

Worst household chore? ‘Making my bed.’

Your greatest fear? ‘Dying in a plane crash.’

A man’s sexiest features and who has them? ‘Arms and a really flat stomach. Brad Pitt.’

Favourite quality in a man? ‘Sense of humour.’

When do you permit yourself to lie? ‘Usually to get out of interviews.’

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