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Zoë Kravitz shines as Catwoman in the latest Batman film. However, she now reveals in a recent interview that it almost happened a decade ago with 'The Dark Knight Rises,' if not for racism she experienced during the audition process. 

Zoë Kravitz & Karl Glusman were first romantically linked in October 2016.


The newlywed wears next to nothing for this beautiful shoot.

The role of Catwoman in the upcoming Matt Reeve’s directed film, The Batman, has been filled.

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet have been holding each other down for decades, even after divorce.

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Zoe Kravitz got her traditional wedding!

Zoë Kravitz isn’t about labels when it comes to her artistry. The actress made an Instagram post recently that challenged the notion of a Black artist. In the picture, Kravitz stands in front of Jean-Michel Basquiat quote reading, “I am not a Black artist, I am an artist.” Below the picture, Kravitz had some words […]

Zoe Kravitz and Drake were rumored to have been dating each other a couple years back.