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Lenny Kravitz graces and his washboard abs graces the cover of Uptown Magazine’s August/September issue. The rocker recently sat down with the mag for a candid interview and opened up to the mag about his childhood saying, that he was often teased in school and called “zebra” because of his Jewish father and Black mother.

“I was the kid they knew was different. They knew who my parents were
and would call them Mr. Day and Mrs. Night, or they’d call me zebra.”

He added that when the family moved to L.A. for his mother (Roxie Roker) to do “The Jeffersons”, he was enrolled in high school but rarely attended. His friend and musician Jill Jones said,

“Lenny would move easily through all the groups. There were black kids who hung together in the cafeteria, the geeks, the Asians, surfers, the rocker kids. He
hung with all of them.”

He also revealed he had a close relationship to Teena Marie:

“She would cook a lot. It was her and
Penny Johnson, Rick James’ little sister. They looked after me, fed me. She took
 me to concerts. She took care of a lot of folks. The big reason why I am here 
[is] because of this sister. She was for real. She was self contained,
a multi-instrumentalist, a writer, producer.”

Lenny sure does get better with age! That mine is too damn hot.

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