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In the next installment of Vibe’s “Full Clip” series MC/producer Q-tip discusses his entire catalog of hip-hop hits for A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Nas, Biggie and more. The Queens, NY native has been making headlines for his dispute with actor/director Michael Rappaport over his group’s documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life. With a focus on the group’s internal strife Tip told the mag that he hopes the next hip-hop documentary “focuses on the culture.”

Nevertheless, Tip seemed to have genuine fun reminiscing about the methods and occasional madness behind his music. In one portion he describes making “One Love” for a teenaged Nasir Jones:

“I specifically produced ‘One Love’ for Nas. I knew he was special even before Illmatic. He was the MC who could capture the picture of everything he was rhyming about. His approach was incredible…he had the perfect cadence. You related to Nas because you felt he was from around the way. And people forget that Nas was a prodigy…he was younger than all of us at that time. So I told him, ‘Yo, I’m going to give you some spooky sounding shit for your album.’ And Nas was like, ‘Yeah, I need that to capture the feel of what I’m saying. I need that crazy, mysterious shit.’ So that was the vibe of ‘One Love.’ I knew that it was going to be a classic track. I just knew it. It’s one of those special songs that when you work on it you know what it’s going to be.”



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