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As you already know, the 2011 BET Awards were last night and celebs got glam, (or at least tried) for the big event. To be honest, it was easier for me to find worst dressed of the event rather than best dressed. Check out who I thought looked good, who I thought was a hot mess and let me know what you think. Lets get started.

First up is the anticipated Cee Lo Green. Cee Lo is know for dressing in outrageous outfits but come on! The wig is ridiculous and as if your over-sized body matched with your over-sized personality isn’t enough, you have to go and wear an over-sized outrageous outfit. It is evident some people appreciate this ball of fun, other wise he wouldn’t continue to have a career. I think it is clear where I stand. On to the next one..

Chris Brown used to be so good looking until he went blonde. As if that wasn’t enough, he performed last night in a suit- with big knees. Really? Are big knees the way to compensate for a smaller something else these days? I guess we’ll never know… Until a picture is leaked.

Every girl has a fantasy of being a princess. Treated like a princess that is. However Shirley Ceasar took it the next step and dressed up like one for her performance. Do us a favor Shirley, and keep the fantasies inside your head, like the rest of us.

Jill Scott, love you girl but you could have done better. This thirty-something year old was dressed in what looked like one of my old dance costumes from the 90’s and I was 5 so it was cute. I was waiting for Jill to break out in a tap dance routine.

Although it was easier, (and more fun,) to find worst dressed, there were a few well dressed people at the event.

In my opinion, the host with the most, Kevin Hart, looked fab! He is so cute and looked adorable in every outfit he wore. Definitely best dressed man of the night.

It was even harder for me to find one truly best dressed woman.  I love Estelle and she looked so classy and elegant when she arrived at the awards. I love her dress and her jewelry and bag to match. This is a winning look to me!

Check out pics of the celebs here and tell me what you think:

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