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My very first email address was ‘toocool4u’. My boyfriend’s was ‘ilovethenets’, then ‘gojasonkidd’ and my brother’s was ‘singthebongsong’. At the time all (or so we thought at 15) very funny and pretty damn cool.

We were wrong. Very, very wrong.

Email addresses aren’t something that most people probably consider too closely when applying for jobs, or even liaising with your current work mates, but the amNew York published a story about how having an inappropriate email address, may be as damaging to your job prospects as your potential employer seeing drunk pictures of you which you have posted on Facebook. I know that there is absolutely no way I would employ someone with an address ‘toocool4u’. And what about ‘partylikecrazy115’ or ‘Gangster420’. I don’t think so!

Bruce Hurwitz, an executive recruiter, says that the key to a professional email address is for it to include your first and last name, and no ‘cutesy’ nicknames. Although he says, numbers are acceptable. Probably best to steer clear of 666 though, obviously.

Read the full amNew York story here, along with a list of some more cringe-worthy email addresses!

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