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One of our favorite sports analysts of all time and a close friend of the show Stephen A. Smith called into the Rickey Morning Show to give some of his insights on what happened in the National Championship Game between Georgia and TCU, the firing of Lovie Smith and the continuous lack of diversity in the NFL.

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“Well, black coaches always held to a different standard. It’s a challenge to accept the fact that we can be leaders of men too. The NFL has long had a history and its focal problem with that. College football has had a problem with that as well,” said Stephen A. when it regarded the latest firing of Houston Texans coach Lovie Smith (who is Black) after only one season. 


The ESPN First Take host makes some NFL predictions, has some time roasting Dallas Cowboy fans and reacts to how the NFL handled the Damar Hamlin situation and his initial reaction to his former partner Skip Bayless, who faced public backlash for the lack of sensitivity in his initial tweet when the tragic accident occurred.


“As it pertains to Skip Bayless. That’s my man. We all know that, but he was wrong. And I would have told him that to his face if he was sitting across from me, and I’ll tell him that to his face if.”

Take a listen to the full conversation with Stephen A. on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show below!


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Stephen A. Smith On Skip Bayless

Stephen A. Smith: As it pertains to Skip Bayless. That’s my man. We all know that, but he was wrong. And and and I would have told him that to his face, if he was sitting across from me, and I’ll tell him that to his face if. I see him in the near future. He should have done. That it wasn’t what he said, because he was talking about football and the history of football and how they had never canceled the game before.

There was a guy by the name of Charles Hughes in 1971 that literally collapsed in front of **** Butkus on the football field and was pronounced dead at. The hospital, so he died. On the football field, it happened once before the 1971, but no game had ever been canceled because of it. And so that’s what skit was alluded to.

The problem is, is the timing was so bad, because while that’s going on while everybody is on. Feel no while while tomorrow Hamlin is laying on the turf and and fighting for his life, nobody’s thinking about the game at that particular moment in time. And so when you send out a tweet like that, that was the insensitive part that really world and riled up the NFL community.

And I can’t blame them for feeling that way. I don’t think skipping meant. Went to happen. I know for a fact that he cares about the kids life for crying out loud. He didn’t want him to die but in the same breath you got to be mindful of when you say things, not just what you say. And I think that that’s where he made his mistake with that tweet.