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Name one thing Keke Palmer CAN’T do. The singer, dancer, actress, and talk show host is sharing her inquisitive spirit with the podcast world in her latest venture, Baby, this is Keke Palmer. The exclusive and ad-free podcast will stream on Amazon Music for Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

One of Palmer’s many talents is deep-diving into various subjects bordering simplicity and complexity. If you follow her on social media, you know she uses her platform as a safe space to bring topics people don’t always want to discuss to the surface. Between her welcoming personality, cheerful spirit, and desire to satisfy her investigative Virgo brain, she’s created the perfect formula for a successful podcast. 

What to expect from, “Baby, this is Keke Palmer”

“You can expect curious conversations. I’m a very curious person, and I love to talk, and I love to talk about strange topics,” Palmer explained in an exclusive interview with HelloBeautiful. “Whether it’s, what’s the real room behind insomnia? Has the digital world and social media helped us? Has it hurt us? Where the hell is Tom from my space? Is forgiving your parents really necessary? How do you balance that if you genuinely have toxic parents? What does that look like for you?”

The podcast will lead you down a rabbit hole of endless topics, and it will feature some of Palmer’s peers, along with experts and specialists in their respective fields of study. “I think a lot of the people I really want on my show are people I haven’t met yet. I wanna talk to a lot of people that write articles in Psychology Today. You know what I mean? Professors, experts in their field, whether it be political or whether it be financial. I just wanna talk to people that know things that I don’t know.”

Palmer is extending her microphone to her entertainment industry peers as well. “Even having interesting conversations with people in pop culture like Blac Chyna. I’d ask her what it’s been like to be on the front lines of something that I don’t know if she always feels she gets credit for, but just really being that pop culture Instagram girl that changed the ways that mainstream media sees strippers and sex workers,” she continued.

Learning with integrity, grace, and curiosity

The conversations will be endless, and the rabbit hole will have you spiraling. Palmer plans to leave no stone unturned, and she even plans to dip into her personal life. “I just wanna talk. As a human being, you should have certain things in your life that you want to have off limits,” she said. “You should just have boundaries normally as a person. In terms of where I want to go as far as conversation, there’s nothing I don’t want to talk about unless it gets extremely hateful – which I don’t have a problem checking anybody. I don’t do hateful stuff, but I definitely do like conspiracy theories, conversations about sex role playing, what it means to be asexual, but also, anything that people wanna talk about, I’m open to talking about. I think for, for me, it’s always about the angle in which we talk about it, which should always be with integrity and grace, but also curiosity.”

Baby, this is Keke Palmer is out today, and you can listen to the trailer and first episode on Amazon Music.


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