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Black people having to deal with false accusations from our white counterparts, particularly when the fabrication comes from a female, has been going on since before the unfair passing of Emmett Till in the mid-’50s. It’s only until now that we’ve been able to put a name on them — hiya, Chad and Becky! — and none have become the biggest pain our melanated asses quite like the Karens of the world.

The latest offender by that moniker was a white woman who decided to follow a Black man around a Moreno Valley Walmart, accusing him of stealing her child’s cell phone until she soon realized it was in her car the entire time. 


As Complex reported, the “Walmart Karen” hailed her attack on a California resident named Ya’shear Bryant. The married man with a family recorded the aftermath of her initial accusation, which she claims happened while they were still in the store shopping.

Here’s some more background on how it all went down, via Complex:

Bryant explained that the woman had tracked the phone and determined it was located in the parking lot next to his car. Bryant continued to tell the woman he did not have the device.

“She runs up to me and says, ‘Excuse me, you have my son’s phone?’ I pull my phone out, and tell her I do not. … The reason I’m not leaving is because I don’t have the phone. That’s why I’m not leaving.”

The woman is heard telling Bryant that they’re going to “fix this” and wait for the police to arrive. He then asks her what she will do once she realizes he never had the phone. “What do I get? Just an apology?” 

“Sure,” the woman responds.

Seconds later, Bryant begins walking away, prompting the woman to follow him and demand he stay there until he gives the phone back. Bryant is seen walking away from the woman as she continues to follow him through the parking lot before returning inside the Walmart. 

“I’m definitely pressing charges,” he tells the camera. “This is racial profiling. You guys see it on camera yourself.”

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As you might’ve guessed, the phone eventually was found when the woman’s child actually appears with the phone in his hand, and do you think Ya’shear got his apology? Nope! Instead, he’s met with a warm “No. You go fuck yourself” before Karen takes off with the kid and phone in tow. For what it’s worth, she’s close to being identified after people spotted her wearing a T-shirt for health care provider Kaiser Permanente.

Watch the clip below, and stay out here from these Karens, y’all:



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