A purported protester who disrupted an NFL game by running on the field pulled a Karen move and filed a police report against Bobby Wagner, the Rams player who tackled him. The post NFL ‘Karen’: Man Who Ran On Field Calls Cops On Rams Players Who Tackled Him appeared first on NewsOne.

Much like the "Walmart Karen" before her, a new white woman labeled as "TikTok Karen" accused a Black man of stealing her phone only to be wrong after she found it in her purse.

A white woman was caught on video attacking Black men with her iPad in a subway car. The men fought back and one sprayed soda in her face before exiting the train.

The latest case of the Karens happened when a white woman decided to follow a Black man around a Moreno Valley Walmart, accusing him of stealing her child's cell phone until she soon realized it was in her car the entire time.

These Karens are extremely out of control. A white woman had a weepy-eyed meltdown in a Victoria's Secret store after the cell phone footage being taken of her made it clear she was the one acting a fool, and it was being record for all the world to see.

A woman, presumably white, called a clerk at the store the "n-word" by way of the "er" version after she was refused service for not donning a mask.

Following last December when 14-year old Keyon Harrold Jr. was accused of having a phone that wasn’t his — resulting in him being tackled to the ground — the child’s family has now filed a lawsuit against his attacker Miya Ponsetto, and the hotel where the incident went down.

The emergence of white women amplifying their privileges to exert their purported moral authorities in reaction to the coronavirus is being led by Karens.

It's been well over a week since Miya "SoHo Karen" assaulted Keyon Harrold Jr. and his father in an undisputed incident caught on video. So why hasn't the NYPD arrested and charged her?