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One New Jersey Police Officer’s pension and pay weren’t enough. He decided to sling crystal meth on the side.

On Facebook, the Monmouth County Prosecutor announced Officer Christopher Walls, a 19-year veteran, was busted running his own meth lab out of his home, Newsweek reports.

“Officer Christopher Walls, who has been a member of the Long Branch Police Department for 19 years, was charged with producing, possessing, and selling methamphetamine,” the report detailed. He is currently awaiting trial and has been suspended from the force without pay.

Walls was busted doing his best Walter White from Breaking Bad impression during “a domestic disturbance.” According to the report, the responding officers were warned there could be narcotics on the scene. A request for New Jersey State Police’s hazmat unit was made because meth labs are described as highly volatile and can be extremely flammable.

Per Newsweek:

Gramiccioni’s statement said the officers “located materials, chemicals and instruments consistent with a methamphetamine laboratory in both the basement of the residence and in a shed on the property.” In addition, Walls allegedly had paraphernalia relating to drug making, as well as explosives and poison. Walls was subsequently arrested.

Speaking on the discovery, Long Branch police’s acting chief said:

“The officers in our agency risk their lives daily to protect and serve our residents. It is disappointing beyond measure that one of our officers could have risked the safety of his family and neighbors by engaging in such dangerous conduct. This officer’s actions do not reflect the moral compass of our officers or this agency.”

Walls has been charged “with maintenance and operation of a controlled dangerous substance production facility, possession of a firearm, child endangerment, possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine and risking widespread injury.”


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