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In the premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, aside from watching Deb Antney pledge her adoration to Donald Trump, we got an inside look into Da Brat and girlfriend Jesseca Dupart‘s love story.

In the episode, Da Brat is seen giving domesticated wife vibes during quarantine, cooking breakfast…for her dogs. Meanwhile, Jesseca is busy running her business at the kitchen counter. The two displayed their very cozy and cute coupledom with viewers. 


“Recently I decided to let y’all in on my life a little bit. Came out the closet,” Da Brat said. “So Jesseca and I, I think we’re a great couple together. Quarantine either make or break you and we’re still here baby, so we must be doing alright. And it feel good to be happy, out loud.”

The ladies also talked about how they met. They became acquainted in Atlanta in 2017, and Da Brat was very interested but shy. She showed up at a Miracle Drops event to meet Jesseca, but afterward, they lost touch. Thankfully though, they ran into each other again and formed a friendship that developed into a romantic relationship.

“I was real nervous and scared at first. I would hide behind furniture when she would talk to me,” Da Brat said. “I would cover up my face when I laughed. Swag gone, okay? Nobody would probably expect me to act like that.”

“It was the cutest thing ever, okay?” Jessica replied.

In an exclusive clip focused on their relationship, they shared their love story and Jesseca admitted, “it wasn’t love at first sight at all.” Their first date, inadvertently, was to the studio. That’s because Brat thought they were meeting at the studio to shoot Kaleidoscope Miracle Drop promo, while Jesseca was under the impression that they were meeting to get to know each other better.

“She said ‘Let’s link.’ What is that supposed to mean to me?” Jesseca asked. “I thought she wanted to link so I thought, we about to chill. We about to kick it.”

After some awkward moments, including Brat spilling drinks and dropping a lit blunt on the couch, they exchanged numbers. And while they were taken with each other, Brat was still extremely nervous to the point that she went ghost on Jesseca for a while. “For months” Jesseca emphasized.

She would eventually get it together. Now they’re joined at the hip in love.

“It’s just really dope to have somebody strong and a boss b—h like that to compliment your girl,” Da Brat said. 

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“I love that she can be very relaxed around me. I remember in the beginning when she was so tensed up and all the rest of that. I learned a lot from her and I mean, she’s a legend,” Jesseca shared.

“She motivates me to do way more than she knows,” she added. “I also love her because of her heart. Our hearts are very mimic-y. If my heart was at 100 percent, her heart is at 200 percent. I’ve never met somebody in my whole entire life that loves the way that she does. That’s one of the main reasons I love her.”

Da Brat went public with her relationship with Jesseca in March of 2020. And while her sister, LisaRaye, may not have appreciated the way she went about putting the news out into the world before bringing it to her, the message shared about coming out was a beautiful one celebrated by the rapper’s fans.

“I’m a little bit nervous because I’m not really used to talking about this thing because I’m not a public person when it comes to my personal life. But when you get blessed with somebody when you weren’t even looking for nobody, and they love you like you’ve never been loved before, it’s a whole different experience,” she said on Dish Nation. “Like Jill Scott says, she loves me from my hair follicles down to my toenails. She inspires me, she believes in me, she motivate me, she accepts me for who I am — my past, my faults, mistakes. We can talk about anything and everything. There’s nothing I can’t talk to about with her and it’s just amazing.”

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