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White House Staff Sanitize Press Area After Coronavirus Outbreak

Source: Win McNamee / Getty

With January 20th approaching and Donald Trump about to vacate the White House (if his attempted coup d’état finally fails anyway), the Biden administration is planning on a top to bottom disinfection of the building as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has become a breeding ground for COVID-19.


Raw Story is reporting that the incoming Biden administration are taking no chances come Inauguration Day and will have a team of specially trained cleaners (that’s a thing?) to leave the White House as spic and span as humanly possible before Biden and his team enter the Oval Office.

The executive mansion will get a deep clean after two COVID-19 outbreaks this fall led to President Donald Trump and members of his staff and family becoming infected.

The departure of one president and the arrival of another is always a fast but highly synchronized behind-the-scenes ballet by White House staff members and moving crews.

But this year is different. The shift means more than rearranging the Oval Office and putting new clothes in bedroom closets: It means a top-to-bottom disinfection amid a pandemic. Biden, who at 78 is taking office as the oldest president in U.S. history, is at high risk of complications from the virus.

With that being the case, the cleaning crew will make sure to clean and disinfect every single doorknob, toilet handle, light switch and elevator button that Donald Trump’s tiny crotch grabbing fingers would’ve touched over his “Presidential” tenure. Given the number of COVID infections that the White House is responsible for we can’t say we blame anyone for taking these kind of precautions.

K. Mark Wiencek, lead microbiologist for South Carolina-based Contec Inc., which sells cleaning supplies to hospitals, said GSA cleaners should focus on the rooms last occupied by the Trump staff, since the virus can’t survive long on surfaces. Cleaning crews, he added, should wear masks and gloves to protect themselves and not introduce any germs.

He recommended replacing the air filters and using fogging and spraying disinfectant to kill viruses.

Aside from COVID-19 they should also sweep for bugs and devices that Trump might’ve planted at Vladimir Putin’s direction. Just sayin.’

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