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R. Kelly ended a two night run on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” with another amazing performance.

This time, The Pied Piper brought out two of his biggest hits from the last ten years, the remixes to “Ignition” and “Step In The Name Of Love,” and performed them with The Roots on back up duties.

Now we’ve never doubted that R. Kelly was a talented guy, it’s just that some of us felt that he wasted his talent on some pretty low-brow songs. We’re all very glad we watched this performance though because it reinforced a few things that we may have forgotten amongst all the scandals and episodes of Trapped In The Closet: 1) R. Kelly sure knows how to write a catchy song.  2) R. Kelly can SAING when he wants to. (Check out the impressively restrained and tasteful vocal run he does at 3:50! Take notes Beyoncé!) and 3) We forgot to dig up our Loveland bootleg last night.

Source – Mr. World Premiere

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