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President Donald Trump thinks highly of himself despite a long-running record of failures, lies, and media manipulation. CNN aired a segment on Friday that’s sure to get under his skin after the network pulled up the former business mogul’s actions after 9/11 on the anniversary of the fateful day.

CNN anchor John Avlon, speaking in detail about the aforementioned anniversary, compared a number of Trump’s 9/11 claims next to the truth, exposing what shouldn’t be shocking to keen observers. In the opening segment alone, Avlon points out Trump humbly bragging that his building at 40 Wall Street became the city’s tallest building in the aftermath of the plane attack on the World Trade Center.

Avlon then debunked the claims Trump made that he was at Ground Zero of the attacks shortly after they occurred and helped to clear the rubble. As noted in the segment, there isn’t any record of Trump being on the grounds, and the claims of Trump paying workers to aid in the effort were also found to be false by Avlon.

There are also wild claims from Trump stating that he witnessed Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks, of course, which wasn’t found to be true across most major media organizations. And regarding his claims about the donations the wealthy businessman allegedly gave to the Twin Towers Fund? You guessed it, no record of such a donation exists on record. Maybe he thought about it really hard so it feels like it actually happened? Who knows.

Watch CNN’s expert takedown of President Donald Trump’s 9/11 claims below.

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