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Newsweek Slammed For Running Op-Ed Lying About Kamala Harris's Citizenship

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s only been a day since Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his choice for vice president, and the racists are already hard at work trying to throw mud on her name.

Newsweek’s credibility as of late has been sketchy and understandably so. The once-respected publication has become a breeding ground for far-right nonsense ran an op-ed just hours after Biden’s announcement about Senator Kamala Harris claiming that she’s not even a United States citizen. 


What makes op-ed even more suspect is that it was written by John Eastman, who ran against her. He also wrote the same kind of article, making the exact opposite argument in favor of Ted Cruz. Immediately after the Josh Hammer, the opinion editor for Newsweek hit the publish button on the piece, people immediately called out the publication for sharing the birther nonsense.

Former Newsweek employee Kurt Eichenwald called out his former employer calling the piece “birtherism-on-steroids,” pointing how Newsweek failed to point out Eastman ran and lost to Harris.

“Not only did you print this birtherism-on-steroids racist crap, @newsweek, but you failed to disclose this guy ran against Harris and lost AND wrote an article in national review saying exact opposite about Canadian born Ted Cruz. When did Newsweek become both racist AND stupid?”

Comedian W. Kamau Bell took things even further, accurately calling out the article for promoting birtherism.

“So before we so cavalierly accept Senator Harris’ eligibility for the office of vice president, we should ask her a few questions about the status of her parents at the time of her birth.” No, the f**k we shouldn’t. We should ask Newsweek why they are promoting birtherism?”

Newsweek has responded to the ridiculous op-ed with another op-ed doubling down posting the initial one claiming that it is not punishing birtherism.

“Some of our readers reacted strongly to the oped we published by Dr. John Eastman, assuming it to be an attempt to ignite a racist conspiracy theory around Kamala Harris’ candidacy. That is entirely inaccurate.” 

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Riiiight. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

It’s sad but also expected they are pulling out the same playbook they used to try and question our forever president, Barack Obama’s citizenship, in hopes they could somehow build skepticism about his presidency. We got Kamala’s back.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty 


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