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This past Father’s Day, celebrities, like the rest of the world, shared Father’s Day posts on social media. But yesterday, Kelly Rowland offered a heartwarming story about reconnecting with her father, after she was well in her thirties.

On Instagram, she shared a photo from a day in October 2018, when she met a man named Christopher Lovett, her biological father.

Rowland shared that particular day was one of the most pivotal moments of her life.

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In addition to the photos, Rowland wrote:

“I finally found him, set up the meeting…when I tell you I was petrified. I was walking to meet him, and my feet suddenly felt like they weighed A TON, needless to say I was overcome with anxiety, and I had a full on anxiety attack. In that moment. I felt like the abandoned 8yr old. My team calmed me down. And as I turn the corner, in my head I was cursing this man, “Why didn’t you come find me?” “Did you love me?” “Am I worthy?” And when I looked at him, and he looked at me, NOTHING CAME TO MY LIPS, not one word. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, listen.  I listened to him, I was nervous to trust him, nervous to forgive him, nervous to love him nervous about it all. And the truth is, I already loved him. I spoke to my protective husband and those closest to me and they encourage me to forgive and jump! And since this time, I have forgiven,  and we have spoken everyday since!  I have come to know SO much about myself, my family history, and even where my love of music & voice have come from! I Love you Daddy, and love being your little girl…even at 39! Lol P.S. we are making up for lost time, and when I tell you, him telling me how smart and beautiful I am….will never get old!


Rowland wasn’t the only one looking to reunite.

In 2013, Lovett, who was 67 at the time, was looking to connect to his estranged daughter and spoke to Star Magazine about his efforts to speak to Rowland before it was too late.

He told Star, he was kicked out of Kelly’s life when she was seven-years-old, when his wife, the Doris Rowland Garrison, left him, taking Kelly with her when she was seven-years-old. Lovett claimed that Rowland Garrison left no forwarding address.

He told Star, “So many previous years have passed and I’m getting old,” says Lovett, 67. “I just pray she comes back into my life before it’s too late.”

Lovett admitted that he was a hard drinker when he was married to Doris and he knows Kelly witnessed him being verbally abusive to her.


“I couldn’t control it, I hoped I could make it up to her. But I’m still waiting for that day.”

Lovett claims that he has been trying to get in touch with Rowland for years.

“Whenever [Destiny’s Child] was on the cover of a magazine, I would call and beg them to tell her I was looking for her,” he says.

At the time, he sent a message about what he wanted Rowland to know, “I love you with all my heart.”

You can see Rowland and her father below.

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