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Mama Tina has a serious word about these hair salons and barbershops reopening amid this deadly coronavirus crisis.

On Wednesday, Beyonce and Solange’s mother took to Instagram to share an important message: getting your hair and feet done is “not worth it,” especially since “Black people are dying.”

In a post, Tina Knowles-Lawson wrote, “We are smarter than that!!! First message was “it doesn’t affect black people “next thing we know it is more black people dying than anyone . secondly the nail salons and hair salons are open first before anything else, I’ve never heard of such a thing! Wake up and open your eyes people!!! Don’t you find it strange that those would be the first places to open ! really????????? Why Texas. And Atlanta?”

In the accompanying video, Tina, who looked fabulous by the way, was clear that she understands the desire to want to get your hair and feet done after being locked away for over a month.

“We as Black people love to get our hair done. We love to get our feet done. I would love nothing better than to get my rusty feet done right because they are pretty bad. I have no nails” she admits, as she shows her acrylic-free fingers.

“I’d love to get my hair professionally done because I’m doing it myself, but let me tell you what? It’s not worth it guys,” she adds before she questions why these types of businesses, ones that Black folks often frequent are reopening in states such as Georgia and now, in her home state of Texas.

“Why would these be the first places that open?” taking a few-seconds pause. “We need to stay at home. It’s people dying every day and Black people are dying at an alarming rate. We can do without this.”


Knowles-Lawson also knows first-hand about COVID-19-related deaths: the former hairstylist recently lost one of her best friends to the virus.

“I got the saddest news about my old roommate and one of my best friends Sheila Campbell Christian,” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “She passed away yesterday! She was so beautiful, so kind and a nurse. She was my maid of honor at my wedding and Beyoncé was her flower girl at her wedding,” Knowles-Lawson she wrote on Tuesday, sharing an old picture of a younger Bey at Campbell Christian’s wedding.

“Losing our healthcare workers who are fighting for our families and us is the saddest thing.”


As we previously reported, on Monday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced during a press conference that certain businesses such as hair salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors and gyms will reopen in his state on April 24; while movie theaters and bowling alleys will open on the 27. Citing that he sought guidance from President Trump, he stressed that this reopening is geared to help small businesses that are suffering in this rocky economy due to the stay-at-home and quarantine orders.

Also, this week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the Lone Star state will reopen “massive” amounts of businesses soon too, the Associated Press reported.

We definitely know that for Black hairstylists, barbers and nail technicians in the state, this move could bring in a much-needed income, but is this worth the risk? Should you have to choose between making ends meet and jeopardizing your life?

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