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A 5-year-old mixed-race girl in North Carolina was murdered more than two years ago and no charges have been filed. According to WECT 6 News, her white uncle “known for having intense racial hatred” is a suspect.

On Monday (Jan. 20), the National Black Leadership Caucus (NBLC) held a press conference calling on Pender County Sheriff’s and the District Attorney’s offices to take immediate action to charge David Prevatte with the murder of Paitin Fields.

“What’s been released to the public so far has definitely been concerning. It’s been said that the suspect in the case, David Pravette has been known for having intense racial hatred, also a history of violence … and other criminal charges that he’s currently in prison for right now,” said NBLC member Rhonda Sekhmet-Ra, the news station reports.

According to an autopsy report, Fields was sexually assaulted and strangled, leading to her death in Nov. 2017, WECT 6 News reports.Court documents state that race could have played a factor in the sexual assault and murder of the 5-year-old, and additionally implicate that the only known suspect in the case is her uncle, Prevatte, WECT 6 News reports.

The 20-year-old man acknowledged that he was the one who found Paitin unresponsive and apparently seizing the morning she was taken to the hospital, WECT 6 News reports. But he denied killing her and said his innocence was demonstrated by his rendering aid to the child.

According to WECT 6 News, court documents also revealed Prevatte failed a polygraph test “miserably.”

An NBLC press release states, “furthermore, David -who was there at the time of her death- has shown multiple expressions of racial hatred. This is extremely concerning as we know Paitin was of mixed ancestry living in a home with a man who had “KKK” on his wall at the time of the incident.”

According to reports, Prevatte is currently in prison on unrelated charges and is expected to be released on Jan. 29.
During Monday’s news conference Sekmet-Ra said, according to WECT 6 News, “We want to make sure we’re doing all that we can to make sure people do not forget her and the person who did this to her does not go unpunished.Maria Spaulding, Paitin’s aunt, wrote a statement, which was read by Sonya Patrick during the news conference and said, “Age, race, sex, or economics should not dictate the value of a person’s life. Everyone has value and is loved by someone. I love you Paitin and I will continue to fight and ask that justice is done so you may rest in peace. May God bless everyone and help keep Dr. King’s dream alive.”

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