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Via Madamenoire:

Little Women: Atlanta returns tonight, Thursday, March 28, and out of all the people we’re looking forward to seeing in the A, it’s Ms. Juicy. Or as she likes to say, “Ms. Juicy, Baaaaaaby!”

The self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta is back and has been through a lot of changes that she’ll be bringing to the new season. That includes surviving a scary double hit-and-run car accident, and going through a pretty epic weight-loss transformation. She’s a whole new Juicy.

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But not only is she a different chick, Season 5 is quite different, too. The focus will be less on the everyday issues of the women, and will now focus more on the women trying to make their mark in the Atlanta music scene, specifically the rap game. While they won’t be fighting over petty things anymore, there will still be plenty of drama as they battle over tracks and opportunities, and you know Ms. Juicy will be a big part of that drama, as usual. We caught up with her to talk about what’s to come this season, why she still has a love-hate relationship with Minnie, and the story behind her very inspiring weight loss.

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MadameNoire: First, I wanted to ask you, how have you been? About a month ago they said you were in a car accident and it was a hit-and-run. How are you doing?

Ms. Juicy: I’m doing simply fabulous! God was on my side. It was two semi-trucks that hit. One hit on one side, the other one hit on the other side. I think I was just shaken up more than anything. But other than that, just bounced back, back in the gym, you know, doing me.

Good! I’m so glad to hear that. I heard all kinds of things on social media so I just wanted to ask you straight away.

Yeah, child. Some of the stuff I was like ‘For real?’ [laughs]

Moving on to the new season, Season 5 of Little Women: Atlanta, I was told the show has been like totally revamped. So what can we expect from you and from the show in general, in Season 5?

Let me see how I can word this. Of course, other than me being a boss, you know what I’m saying, everybody gotta come to me [laughs]. No, but the show, they took it down, they revamped it and made it more about the hip-hop scene. It’s something totally different than what you normally would see. I mean, of course you’re still gon’ have all of the drama and the good times, the laughs, and they’ll still fight and stuff, but these girls this year are embarking on something totally new. Like I said, we’re putting them out in the music scene. Of course, that’s something that I’m very familiar with. So I hooked them up with real producers, real engineers, real people in the scene, hooked them up with them. Got them in the studio, got them actually really working on music. So this year, everybody on the team wants to win. You have The Cheeks [Emily and Bri] coming back with us this year on Season Five. So with them already being into music, it’s a constant battle between them and The Twins [Drea and Amanda]. It’s very interesting. And they’re going to be doing some things you wouldn’t even expect them to do. And even with Minnie, it’s like with her trying to embark on something totally new, of course, she’s doing the same ol’ same ol. Everybody trying to be like Miss Juicy of course [laughs]. But even with her embarking on something new, she has the attitude of wanting to win as well. It’s good. I can’t wait. Y’all can’t wait? I can’t wait for it to come back on. It’s going to be different than your regular reality show because a lot of the time, a lot of reality shows are scripted. But you got these girls here embarking on something new. This is going to be real temper-rising, real everything because they’ve never done that before.

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So you guys are going to be really about your business, huh? It’s not going to be a lot of drama, drama.

Oh it’s going to be drama, because think about it. If this person wants to win and this person wants to win, they’re going to be battling. I’m still going to be about my business regardless of the drama, but I’ll be trying to teach them to be about the same.

I know you like to say that Minnie, she wants to be you. Will we ever see you guys in a better place or are you still icy in terms of your relationship?

Well, you know, I think we tried. It don’t always happen the way we want it to happen. I guess that would be a proper way to put it. But we try. We tried very hard. There’s no guarantee, though. You never know what’s gonna happen with me and Minnie. I think we have a love-hate relationship. That’s a good way to answer it.

And will we see some of your weight-loss efforts and transformation on the show?

Oh hell yeah! That’s a part of my life. I tell ’em all the time, this is reality, baby. On Little Women Atlanta, you gon’ get the real deal. That’s a part of my life. It’s a lifestyle change for me. Everything. The whole food, the way I eat, everything has changed. Now I’m in the gym once to twice a day. It’s necessary because I had to do it for me, you know, getting healthy, getting fit and everything.

Nice! Have you ever shared like how many pounds you’ve lost?

At one particular time, yes. When I started this season, I think I was at a loss of 30 pounds. But now I’m way, way, way, way above that. I’m like double that loss.

Wow! I was just saying I could tell from your Instagram that you look so slim these days.

Oh yeah. I mean, I’m coming from an 18/20 in plus sizes now to a 10 in Juniors. And from a 1x and 2x in shirts down to a small and medium in Juniors.

That’s amazing! Great job, Miss Juicy!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just hoping I can be an inspiration to others, you know?

Yeah. You have been! I was going to ask you, what has helped you the most to be successful? I see your healthy meals and your workouts, and I’m sure it’s tough but it’s obviously rewarding. For people watching you who are motivated by you, what has helped you to be successful?

Motivation. I’m a self-motivator. My trainers are definitely my motivation. I have a great motivating team. They’re there. That helps me out a lot because sometimes you don’t want to get up, but I’ve set goals. This is what I want, this is what I want to accomplish. I’m not going to stop until I get there. And even once I get there, I got to keep it there. I mean I’m still battling with going to the stores now and realizing that I got to go into the Junior’s department now. I’m not sad about it, but I cried because sometimes I’m like, I can’t believe it. That big of a difference! So it’s like happy tears. I’m like, ‘Oh my God! This girl getting fine!’ [laughs]

What advice would you offer to other women to take control of their health and wellness in the way that you have since you’re a motivation to so many?

Set your goals. Get an outfit or something that you want to [fit in] — mine is a swimsuit, honey [laughs]. Set your goals. Do a long-term goal and a short-term goal and then just go at it. But the first thing you got to do is change your eating habits. The eating habits is 90 percent of weight-loss anyway. You change the eating habits and go from there. I mean, you don’t have to go to the extreme as I do, but you know, it just depends on what kind of goals and timeline you’re trying to meet.

If I could do it, anybody can do it. I wanted to make sure I also brought that on the show. Weight loss wasn’t something I really concentrated on before because I was comfortable the way I was. And while I was very comfortable, I’m like, you know what? Nah. Not only do I want to be comfortable, I want to be healthy as well. So in everything, I’m just trying to set an example for others that they can do it. Whether it’s the weight loss, whether it’s the music scene — whatever it is.

Check out the Season 5 premiere of Little Women: Atlanta on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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