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If you thought these the college cheating scam was infuriating before, wait until you hear some of the details that allowed them to pull it off.

According to DailyMail, Rick Singer, the man responsible for facilitating the largest college admissions fraud in United States history, pleaded guilty to all charges last Tuesday inside a federal courtroom in Boston.

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Not only did Singer sell-off college admissions to wealthy white people at the potential expense of other more deserving kids, many of whom were minorities, Singer specifically targeted programs that were created to help Black and brown kids and used them to further prop up the privileged on a pedestal.

Assistant US Attorney Eric S. Rosen told Judge Rya Zobel he was guilty of ‘lying about students’ ethnicities and other biographical information in an attempt to take advantage of perceived benefits from affirmative action and other programs.’

“Lying about ethnicities.” Deliberating taking college educations away from our people so that a white child can skip class and become an Instagram “influencer.”

It’s the kind of thing that makes you shake your head in real life at all the parents who participated.

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